About Us

With a past of nearly 50 years and coming from the core of furniture industry, Polo Furniture
continues to grow with its clients.
Polo Furniture does not make concessions to quality from its first furniture, by presenting
aesthetics and natural beauty together with respect to planet and people. Our products are
produced from legally felled trees for sustainability and our workers work in a secure
We await you to our ever-growing company with its workers and clients.

Quality Policy

Without increasing on the quality, we present our specially designed furniture to our precious customers.
We are giving value to our every furniture as if it is our first work and support.
We are wanting that, their furniture journey starts with us make them happy. We see our customers as a member of our Polo Furniture Family.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to grow as one of the furniture firms making a difference locally and globally in
furniture design. Without increasing on quality and aesthetics, we are presenting our most
beautiful, ergonomic, high quality, magnificent and simple furniture.
Our vision consists of creating a trust with our clients as an in-family trust and setting goals
that create a value for furniture industry.
Our furniture is presented with a characteristic that connects emotions and furniture.